Boo! Boston — designing an AR app using service design concepts.

Four screen mockups of the Boo! Boston app on iPhones.

An AR mobile app with a service model

Boo! Boston was a semester-long project for my Interaction Design 2: Mobile course. For this project, we worked with a real client to design an augmented-reality mobile app with the goal of promoting tourism of families in Boston.

Each team was given a different neighborhood to tailor their service toward. My team was given the Fenway neighborhood.

A UX exercise where my team placed Post-It-Notes in a circle to highlight the user's heroic journey through our service.A brainstorming exercise that allowed our team to come up with the idea to use our service to improve foot traffic and help local businesses.

Discovery phase: journey maps & service models

Given how busy Fenway can become on game days, our team decided to utilize the ghost finding mechanic of the app to guide users away from crowded sections of the neighborhood, providing a more enjoyable experience to users and potentially more business to smaller, family owned businesses.

A collection of branding elements for the Boo! Boston app, including wordmark, colors, typography, and iconography.

The branding elements of Boo! Boston.

The core demographic of the Boo! Boston app is families, so we wanted to ensure that the brand would be appealing to a wide range of ages.

To do this, we opted for bold colors and clean, sans-serif typefaces to create a modern feeling brand. Even though this would be a government backed app, we wanted to create a more playful and fun energy.

Multiple variations of the Boo! Boston wordmark and app icon to showcase how the brand could be applied to a variety of cities.

Versatile branding

The brand of Boo! Boston was created with expandability in mind. If brought into new areas, each city could use its own variation of the brand for unique splash screens, app icons, and taglines.

Ten screens from our finalized UI mockups that show the on-boarding experience and core ghost finding and catching feature.

The finalized UI and prototype

Taking our branding elements and original UI wireframes, our team built out the final screens for our prototype. The image above showcases screens from on-boarding and the “find and catch” ghost gameplay.

View InVision prototype